9 Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother's Day(Guest Post by Mommylibrium)

Daddylibrium changed my views on Hallmark holidays.

Yes, they are made up and over commercialized.  Still, it seems curmudgeonly to dismiss the idea of celebrating someone you love simply because you hate that Pro Flowers radio ad.  So, what should you get the mother of your children on her official holiday?  I’m a big believer in simple, thoughtful gifts.

1. Has she recently mentioned something she wants or has been meaning to check out?  If so, buying her this present shows that you listen.  My husband bought me an automatic soap dispenser for Christmas because I kept mentioning it might reduce the struggles we have getting our sons to wash their hands. I was touched by his thoughtfulness.

2. Does she have a favorite author? If so, do a google search to see if the author recently published any new works. 

3. Jewelry can be a great gift, and it doesn’t have to break the bank.  Here are some things to note before purchasing.  Does she generally wear silver or gold jewelry?  Be guided by the style and color of jewelry she wears most often.  If she generally wears big statement pieces, you’ll need to look for larger scale.  If she prefers small, classic pendants, pick a similar style.  Necklaces engraved with your children’s name or rings containing their birthstone are perennial Mother’s Day options. 

4. The song remains the same. In the spirit of the 1980s-era mix tape, give her a break from the Wiggles and download a mix of songs that you think she’d love, or that remind you of her, or even touch on family themes.

5. Help your child make her a craft.  Michaels has ceramic mug kits including paint on sale for $1.50.  Help your child make one.  If your child is too small to help, slap some paint on his foot, stamp his foot on the mug, add his name and the year, and presto, you have a keepsake!

6. Tempt her tummy. If she is a foodie, there is probably a new kitchen tool she would love.  If she is not a foodie, do NOT buy her kitchen goods.

7. If she loves fresh-cut flowers, pick some up. Or, get her a potted plant like an orchid. They are beautiful and will be around for months, maybe years.  If she is not a gardener, surprise her by planting some flowers around the house and yard.  If she has expressed an interest in gardening, but you haven’t yet taken the plunge, pick up a potted strawberry plant or a topsy turvey and a tomato plant.             

8. Help her stay in shape but proceed with caution. If she likes to work out, get her some new workout gear.  Note: this is a terrible idea if she hates working out, is feeling fat or if there is any tension in the relationship about weight issues.

9. Take Yogi Bear’s advice. Buy a picnic basket and stock it with a bottle of wine and sparkling juice for the kids.  Add fruits & cheese and crackers and stop at the park for a picnic on the big day.


  1. Beth Trapani says

    Personally, I would ask the kids some questions about her — “What do you like best about Mommy?” “What’s your favorite thing to do with Mommy?” etc. and add that a card/craft…

    And, if you really want big points, start back in April and ask her what she wants to do that day!

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