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How to Make Your Wife’s First Mother’s Day Unforgettable

first mothers day

(Guest post by Kellen Shields) If you and your wife are celebrating your very first Mother’s Day, you probably want to make it a special occasion. Fortunately, if you know her pretty well, it should be easy to figure out what sorts of things are going to be the most helpful for her as a […]

Embracing Imperfection on Mother’s Day

(Guest post by Mommylibrium) The best Mother’s Day gift today is the one I’ll give to myself – the gift of imperfection.  Friday night Daddylibrium and I had a rare date night. We shared the evening with a couple we have known for a while but see infrequently. We had great conversations about jobs and kids, movies […]

9 Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gifts

(Guest Post by Mommylibrium) Daddylibrium changed my views on Hallmark holidays. Yes, they are made up and over commercialized.  Still, it seems curmudgeonly to dismiss the idea of celebrating someone you love simply because you hate that Pro Flowers radio ad.  So, what should you get the mother of your children on her official holiday?  […]