Adam Carolla Bemoans Comedy War on Men While Fathers Fight Back

Homer Simpson TV fatherAdam Carolla knows a played-out meme when he sees one.

The podcast king uses his media platform to rail against anemic kids cartoons, bad music and other pop culture pollution. This week, Carolla took on the crush of hapless guy gags that litter the media landscape.

“When is the husband being the heel officially gonna be [bleeped] out in terms of, that’s a hackneyed joke?” asked Carolla this week, citing the glut of dumb guy bits in both movies and television.

“I don’t get it. Why can’t I eat pizza with Cap’n Crunchberrries on it for breakfast.” he said in official dumb guy voice.

Naturally, these jokes flow smoothly into dopey dad bits, something we’ve been seen since “Father Knows Best” got replaced by Homer Simpson.

Carolla, a father of two, apparently subjects himself to some of The Disney Channel’s live-action lineup, and he notes a content trend that he says is hard to deny.

“I watch these Disney shows … and the guy’s a buffoon,” he says.

Carolla’s comedy panel riffed on the subject, with the podcast king deciding one clear reason why dumb guy jokes remain a comedy staple.

“It’s safe international waters. Just go after the dude. No one’s gonna write a letter, no one’s gonna complain,” Carolla says. That’s where the “Man Show” dude is wrong.

Men, via daddy blogs, have made their voices heard on a number of fronts. Huggies yanked its ad campaign after daddy bloggers blew the whistle on its anti-father rhetoric. The National At-Home Dad Network declared war on the “Mr. Mom” stereotype, based on the 1983 comedy about a clueless dad forced to do housework, going into 2014.

Fathers are willing to fight back against memes that tarnish their image. Carolla might be surprised to see these knee-jerk jokes go the way of the eight-track tape one day.

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