Did A&E Sanitize ‘Modern Dads?’

Modern DadsThis Father and critic found the new A&E reality show “Modern Dads” to be a snooze. A well-intentioned snooze, mind you, one that pays tribute to its subject without a compelling showcase for these hard-working dads.

Turns out the series may have left the best bits on the proverbial cutting room floor.

Check out “Modern Dads” star Rick Lucas’s blog for some insights into what happened behind the scenes of the debut episode.

* The night before the party I had to take Elizabeth to the ER at 3AM because she would not stop crying. After running all kinds of tests, the doctor had no clue what was wrong with her. Finally around 6 in the morning, she fell asleep in my arms. We arrived home just as the crew was arriving at the house. Meghan put Elizabeth to bed and Nathan and I started loading up stuff for the party. You will notice the medical bracelet on my arm during the party preparations at the park.

* The guys and JT and I dressed in our costumes in the park bathroom. JT was in the middle of us. As the guys were bickering about their costumes, some guy opened the door. “Oh shit!” he said, his eyes popping out like a cartoon. This was in the wake of the whole Sandusky thing so walking into a public bathroom where a ten year old boy is surrounded by four men in medeviel costumes must of been a shock. It was actually the funniest thing that happened during the shoot. Nathan and I laughed so hard that I pulled a muscle in my side.  Unfortunately, no one was shooting at the time.

Huh? All of the above is far more interesting than the forced bromancing and party details we witness during the episode. Why on earth would the show’s producers leave this material out? The bathroom incident could have been recounted via interview snippets, and had the rest of the show been less pre-packaged the viewers would have bought it hook, line and reality show sinker.

Many dads were eagerly awaiting the show’s first episode, hopeful it would counteract negative cultural stereotypes of fathers. They also wouldn’t mind seeing a show that reflected their own parental trench warfare. Had the true story been revealed, more than a few fathers would have been sold on the show after a mere 30 minutes.

One note: My review mentioned my skepticism that one of the father’s partners built the wood stocks prop seen during the episode. Turns out the mom truly built it. My suspicions weren’t based on gender. My wife is far handier than me, and I expect no less from other moms. The stocks in question simply looked exceptional, far more than your average handy person could throw together. I should have framed my analysis with less certainty.’


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