‘Alpha Dads’ Tackle Work-Life Balance Sans Guilt

Alpha DadI’ve never been mistaken for an Alpha Male, but I just might be an Alpah Dad.

I don’t smoke cigars, am currently tattoo free and never change my car’s oil. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, I still fit squarely into the “Alpha Dad” mold. I’m a working father who traverses the work-life balance beam without guilt over missing minor milestone in my children’s life.

Wait. I need to scratch myself.

Where were we?

Here’s Businessweek describing a gaggle of dads who formed a group dedicated to Alpha Dad goodness:

You might call them “Alpha Dads,” guys who are as serious about their parenting as they are about making partner. What they illustrate is that men might actually be better at handling women’s issues than women. They don’t believe in “balance.” They believe in getting what they want, even if it’s time to yell at their 5-year-olds from the sidelines of a soccer game on a Wednesday afternoon.

I’ve never been more driven about my career than I am now, partly because journalism is collapsing and I’ve had to reinvent myself in order to stay relevant. Yet I’m also compelled to be the best father possible, scouring parenting texts before I fall asleep each night and observing other successful dads for tips.

The final element of my Daddylibrium balance is more personal, and unabashedly selfish. Will I ever have the time to DO what I want? Can I read my Facebook page at my leisure, watch the new Clint Eastwood Blu-ray set before the month ends or simply stop what I’m doing long enough to do … nothing in particular?

That’s what the Alpha Dads in the article aren’t willing to lose, and neither am I. They formed a group to support each other toward that end, but that isn’t the only path available.

The best bet is to recruit the Missus on your side. That means giving her plenty of Girls’ Nights Out and, hopefully, receiving similar excursions for yourself. It also requires husbands to grasp their wives’ love language. Mommylibrium goes weak at the knees for “acts of service,” so by cleaning the bathroom, fetching her a glass of water before bedtime or simply picking up a few toys around the house I score major husband points – to be redeemed at a later date.

No matter the path, Alpha Dads refuse to let societal pressure get in the way of their fully-formed lives. Now, if you’ll excuse me I’ve gotta go pick out a tattoo.

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