An Introduction Is in Order …

Welcome to Daddylibrium!

OK, cut the fanfare. The world may not need a new Daddy Blog but being a father of two who writes for a living made this project inevitable.

daddylibrium intro

I’m Christian Toto, a 44-year-old writer, blogger, film critic and lifelong Yankees fan. My day job is Assistant Editor at Big Hollywood, part of the Breitbart News empire. I cover the intersection of entertainment and politics, but you’ll find little of the former and none of the latter here.

What you will see is my take on fatherhood, the joy of caring for two adorable sons and how to balance being a dad and devoted husband with enough time left for a “The Walking Dead” episode.

This blog will undergo a few cosmetic changes over the coming days. Please be patient. I earned three art degrees back in the Stone Age, but none of my training involved the digital arts.

Last but not least, the lads in the picture above are Benjamin (1) and Elijah (3). I hope you’ll get to know them in the weeks to come. They grow on you. Trust me.


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