Pizza Parties Mean Full Tummies, One Happy Marriage

ben ice creamMy wife loves our boys-only pizza outings almost as much as we do, and she doesn’t get so much as a piece of crust out of the deal.

She receives something far more valuable – a good hour-plus of time all to herself. Can’t score that on eBay, and it’s one reason why our marriage remains on solid ground.

We all look forward to the weekend, but for parents of young children it means 48 straight hours of parenting. All the chores we put off during the week stare us in the face come Saturday morning, but we typically end up at the park, reading Captain Underpants stories or feeding the stingrays at the Denver Aquarium instead.

As the chore list just gets longer, and uglier, so do stress levels in our marriage. That’s why the weekend pizza runs – complete with scoops of ice cream – began. It gives us valuable father-sons time, lets me work on their social skills and … did I mention how much I love pizza?

It’s part of the back-and-forth schedule my wife and I maintain to keep our marriage strong. She might use the pizza time to vacuum the house, pay the bills or just answer emails loitering in her gmail system. Or, she’ll strap on her running shoes and go for a jog. No crying voices. No untied shoes. Just the slap-slap-slap of her Nikes on pavement.


We similarly split up the family chores to give each other quality solo time. For some reason I can keep our boys in check while food shopping, so when the boys and I aren’t wolfing down pizza we’re perusing the aisles at Target. Note: the chain’s organic section is spotty, but the prices are reasonable and you never know when you’ll need something from the rest of the store.

You may watch your wife juggling household chores, diaper duty and a full-time job and think, wow, she does it all without breaking a sweat. Trust me. She sweats. And chances are she’s dying for a break, a chance to mentally unwind and put toddler thoughts far out of mind, if only for an hour. Give her a steady break before she asks for it. She’ll be grateful, and your marriage will be happier as a result.


  1. says

    The pizza time outing idea sounds like a great idea. It is nice to have family time together, but breaks from all the activity can be nice too. Glad to see you have a nice system going there.

  2. admin321 says

    Not a perfect system, though! I’m always one meltdown away from thinking, “I must be crazy for taking two boys to a restaurant without their Momma!” But I need to learn these coping skills, and more often than not they’re well behaved.

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