Adding Fine Feathered Friends to Our Flock

Chicken Coop with EliMy wife and I have no intention of having more children, but in a few weeks we’ll welcome four new members into our flock.

The missus recently got the urge for fresh eggs. Now, normally that means we could hit the local farmer’s market or take a road trip to a rural farm. That’s not how my wife operates. She did some serious web surfing and learned we could have our own fresh eggs courtesy of a small chicken coop and a quartet of hens.

I told her I wasn’t too keen on the idea.  Then, after we talked about it some more, I said “no” a little louder.

Our lives are so full at the moment I consider it a minor victory if I have time to check both Facebook AND Twitter in a single day. We just can’t squeeze four more critters into our daily regimen.

Ironically, I grew up with a large chicken coop in our backyard on Long Island. My father built a sturdy, shed-sized coop for our dozen-plus chickens. They gave us so many fresh eggs we were constantly giving away dozens of eggs to friends and neighbors. The downside? I have distinct memories of shoveling wood chips coated with bird droppings out of the shed every month. I can still recall that awful, acidic smell decades later.

My wife doesn’t let go of projects easily, which is code for, “she reads this blog religiously and hates when I call her ‘stubborn.'” I also trust her not to overload our lives any more than necessary. Plus, she isn’t a dog person but let me bring a puggle into our home without complaint.

I owe her one – or four, to be exact.

“I’m probably more excited than an adult should be about the chickens,” she said today while putting the finishing touches on the coop. We’re going to wait until the weather gets a wee bit warmer before buying the chicks, but my wife’s plucky spirit tells me we already made the right decision.




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    Chickens are great and the eggs are even better. They know their perimeters and always go to bed at dusk. Chicks get attached to their owners and are great pets for children.

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