Speaking/Media Appearances

Christian Toto speaking on 850 KOA 500Welcome to my Speaking page! I speak at a variety of events, from conferences devoted to modern dads to gatherings of dedicated bloggers. I’d be delighted to speak at your next event or conference.

  • Why modern dads put Ward Cleaver to shame
  • Children’s programming from a father’s point of view
  • The evolving portrait of the stay-at-home dad
  • The pitfalls of parenting
  • When journalism and blogging collide
  • Hidden messages in today’s children’s content

Each theme can be customized to fit your program. As a seasoned communicator, I know how to share my stories with humor and heart.

I entered college as an arts major, and I’ve been communicating in different media ever since. After graduation I became a journalist, and later steered my career to cover the popular arts – film, television and music. The natural next step was sharing my views with radio listeners, as I do each week on Washington, D.C.’s most listened to news station, WTOP (here is an audio sample). I also regularly appear on the nationally syndicated “Dennis Miller Show” and serve as the movie critic for “The Mike Rosen Show” on 850 KOA in Denver. My television experience includes reviewing movies for “Good Day Colorado” and an appearance on the Fox Business Network’s “Stossel.”

Journalists are taught to capture an audience’s attention … or else. That’s particularly true today when we’re pulled in new directions thanks to smart phones and social media.

As a journalist I also know deadlines matter, so I’ll respond to your request as swiftly as possible. I’m happy to flex my social media muscle to spread the word about the upcoming event.

Please contact me via this form and we can start working together right away.