A Case of the Cold Weather Blues

Ben and Eli wearing bowlsMy children love snow as much as I hate so much as an inch of it coating our neighborhood.

Winter is a wonderland for young ones, a magical time when snowball fights, snowmen and impenetrable ice forts are the order of the day.  Parents still can’t let their children linger outside forever. It’s cold, and unless you bundle up your child as tightly as the little brother in “A Christmas Story” they’ll have to come in soon.

Then what?

Our boys aren’t hardcore artists quite yet. They’ll dabble with crayons, but they’re more likely to scrawl on the wall than on a pristine sheet of paper. They’re too young for board games, and the Christmas toys they received en masse just a week or so ago have already lost their luster.

Ho ho hum.

That leaves television, a parental crutch we try desperately not to overuse, and a father’s creativity. The latter part is where I get into trouble. My wife is a whiz in this arena. She’ll whip up an activity within minutes, something silly, messy or a little of both that keeps the boys engaged.

IMG_2202My arsenal of kiddie distractions is hopelessly inferior. One of my best tricks is making cookies, a task which leaves such a mess it rarely seems worth it in retrospect. I love reading to the boys, but their taste in stories is different these days, and they seem most interested in books at night, not in the middle of the day.

That leaves boyish horseplay, either a battle between two mock superheroes and “Evil Daddy” or your garden variety piggy back rides.

Here’s where I could use a tip or two from my fellow dads … what indoor activities do you recommend for the wee ones? My boys are nearly two and four years old, so think about stuff that appeals to their inner toddler.


  1. Beth Trapani says

    I’m not a Dad, but I am a Mom… with kids the same age as yours. Buy an indoor trampoline – it’s huge! Make up scavenger hunts. Play hide and seek. Have races around the house… Play-Dog… fill up the bath tub and splash… make an obstacle course… And find a nearby moonbounce facility where you can take them to run off some energy!

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