Daddylibrium Recommends: The Plasma Car

Ben Plasma CarToys break, and they break that much faster when a toddler takes a fancy to them.

That’s why any toy rugged enough to survive a season, let alone a year or two, deserves special mention. So here goes …

We bought our first Plasma Car about two years ago for Eli. The vehicle can ride over asphalt, cement or similarly smooth surfaces.  The car’s steering wheel technically provides the power, pushing the rider forward as the wheel moves to the left and right. My boys like to use their legs to make it go that much faster. They won’t go at an unsafe speed unless your son or daughter has the meaty thighs of Olympic speed skater.

Our first Plasma Car lost a wheel at some point, but it continues to roll along without either of our children noticing any difference. Our second Plasma Car hasn’t suffered any vehicular damage. The cars come with a comfortable handle, ideal for parents who must carry them once their kiddies run out of energy.

Our boys yet to tire of their Plasma Cars, and they quickly grow bored with almost every toy imaginable. Even the Hulk fists Santa delivered a few weeks back are rarely plucked off the toy shelf now.

Plasma cars are meant to be used outdoors, but their wheels shouldn’t damage your floors should the weather prevent kids from venturing outside. Our boys love racing them around the dining room table, cackling all the way. I can’t unabashedly recommend indoor driving, since it often leads to chipped walls along the “track.” The joy on the boys’ faces as they round the bend, however, is hard to deny.

Prices routinely vary for the cars ranging from $50 to $70, but it’s hard to put a value on a toy that delivers hours of joy without making a bee line toward the trash can.

(Note: This post is not sponsored or connected in any way to the company responsible for Plasma Cars)

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