Daddylibrium Taking a Time Out

Daddylibrium-timeoutI’ve been covering my awkward, exasperating and unforgettable journey into parenthood for close to three years now.

It’s time for a time out.

Kids need them now and again, and adults are no different. And part of my new challenge is twofold. I’ll be resuming my entertainment site this week, and that will take a large chunk of my personal and professional time.

I’m also aware that my son Elijah, now 6, is learning to read and will soon be able to scour Daddylibrium for some tasty tidbits. That will undoubtedly change how I cover parenting and what does and doesn’t appear on this site. It was bound to happen, even though for now he’s simply obsessed with “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” books.

So for those who have followed me on this journey … a hearty thank you! As for the future of Daddylibrium, well … it’s as unpredictable as being a parent.


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