Daddylibrium’s First Tongue Lashing from the Missus

It was inevitable that “Mommylibrium” wouldn’t necessarily agree with everything written here. But I didn’t expect my grace period to last less than one week.

The Missus took me to task for my post addressing the dwindling number of fathers in our children’s lives. She found my take on the subject potentially offensive, both to those who are pro-choice as well as single mothers.

That gave me pause since it wasn’t my intention.

Writing is a humbling craft, and even after a decade of doing it professionally I still feel as vulnerable as a newspaper intern trying to impress the bigwigs. Our back and forth, civil but intense, made me confront an issue I tried to massage in my post. Just where do I stand on single moms who raise a child by choice, not due to the death of a spouse, infidelity or other situations out of their control?

I think fathers play an invaluable role in a child’s life, and in a perfect world every infant would enjoy having two parents in their lives. Beyond that, well, I have some soul searching to do.

I expect this won’t be the only time my wife and I disagree on Daddylibrium content. The lesson learned? My wife’s wisdom is not to be taken for granted.


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