The Final Word(s) on Marcy’s Diner

marcys-diner-social-mediaThe mother at the heart of the Marcy’s Diner saga has said her peace. That won’t be the end of it, of course.

For those who live blissfully free from the social media cycle, the controversy began when the owner of a Maine restaurant yelled at a nearly two-year-old girl to shut her yap. This much we know.

What’s not quite clear? How long said child was caterwauling … if the parents in question truly did all they could to quiet her and not disturb nearby diners … and just how loud the little girl was in the first place.

The only folks who know for sure are those who were dining on that fateful day. Until we hear from a preponderance of them favoring one version of reality over another, we’ll never know for sure.

We do know a few things, though.

  • No one came off well here. Not the diner’s owner, nor the parents in question. Let’s give the young-un a pass. She’s the one committing age-appropriate behavior. That’s her excuse, and she’s sticking to it.
  • Waging war on Facebook rarely ends well.
  • In the grand scheme of things this is barely a blemish on the buttocks of our lives. I’ve had more “bad” restaurant experiences than I can count. Obla-Di, Obla-Da, life most certainly goes on.
  • Anyone who thinks they know for certain what really happened without actually being there at the time is fooling themselves. There’s a chasm between the two stories in the media.
  • The fight caught our cultural attention for good reason. Singletons have had enough of dining in restaurants where kids are behaving badly. Parents, in turn, are either uber-defensive of their own lil’ darlings or think someone needs to take a stand against their peers’ shoddy parenting.
  • Never, ever behave as the diner owner did on social media, especially in connection to one’s own business. Even if her story proves true, her lack of professionalism is glaring … as is her grammar.
  • Nothing will be solved, ultimately. The fallout from the story is playing out like a political shouting match. People chose sides early and dug in their heels.
  • Journalism graduates take note. All you need to get your writing in The Washington Post is to become embroiled in an online kerfuffle.


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    I will just say that when my children were young, I was hyper-paranoid about their wailing, crying and whining bothering other people when we were out, and it took very, very little for me to pull them outside or for us to just leave. They figure it out and learn to be more quiet and respectful in restaurants, stores and other public places. Just saying…

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