Friday Fatherhood Links: The King George Edition

king georgeFar be it from me to ignore the birth of the Royal Baby. Here’s some fatherly advice to a new dad who thinks he’s got the bases covered, but he’s wrong.

Some schools have the nerve to introduce our precious children to mud. Mud! One fed-up father loses his cool over our pampered parenting age. Those aren’t black helicopters you hear above your head.

Failure is not an option. Tell that to this mom who learned that a parent can’t always do everything she is required to do. Fathers everywhere will nod knowingly.

Michael Keaton, don’t call your agent. The comic actor’s “Mr. Mom” may be a parenting classic, but the fumbling, bumbling image of a dad with kids is going the way of the 8 track tape. Or cassette. Or LP.

I love my flat-screen so much I give it a card on Valentine’s Day. Those beautiful gadgets have a dark side, and a new study shows dads should be extra cautious when installing them in the family den.

Forget what they say in rom-coms and Hallmark ads. Your spouse is not your soul mate, no matter how many times you call her Schmoopy. So says one happily married female blogger in a post that apparently went all viral on her. 

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