Friday Fatherhood Links: Man Cave Edition

Man CaveFar be it from me to speak ill of the Man Cave concept. One father suggests time spent in said cave can make you a better parent. I’m listening…

Some addictions get more press than others. For one man, his involves plenty of zeroes and ones.

Afraid of the minefield that is gender politics? Parents of toddlers are far from immune. Just ask this frazzled father.

Help isn’t just a catchy Beatles song. It’s something we all need no matter how we delude ourselves. This Mommy blog addresses the matter in a way many Dads can applaud.

Off to see “The Smurfs 2” this weekend? Prepare for a long 90-odd minutes, according to most film critics. Insert your Smurf-erific punch line here.

… Fathers face plenty of obstacles in custody battles, which is why some Florida Dads are trying to empower each other about their legal rights.

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