Friday Fatherhood Links: The ‘Shane, Come Back’ Edition

shane smushedA little self promotion never hurt, but the main reason I’m sharing this Blu-ray commentary I wrote on “Shane” is the special connection the film has with my late father.

Children take promises seriously. Very seriously. So says Daddy blogger Dave Taylor, and I wholeheartedly agree. Here’ s his take on how teens hold parents accountable – even if their memories get a tad fuzzy.

To badly paraphrase Alice Cooper – School’s back … for Autumn! And one Mommy blogger has some tips on making the transition from summer to school days anew.

Turning down sex isn’t a subject most fathers are craving to discuss. One writer did so all the same, offering a novel primer on when “no” is the best answer of all.

How should a father react when a kiddie star may be guilty of a horrendous crime? One Aussie Dad shares his views regarding the accusations leveled against a singer who has performed with The Wiggles.

I don’t want to be the only blogger alive not linking to this absurd piece about the evils of private school. It’s already gone viral, but I suspect it has for all the wrong reasons.

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