Friday Fatherhood Links: The Calm the You Know What Down Edition

anger-management the new, anti-helicopter parenting technique known by a colorful phrase gets battered and bruised by a New York Post columnist

One UK Dad says being a parent isn’t as hard as countless bloggers would like you to believe.

Are fathers optional? Heck no, says a new study which adds that while children greatly benefit from having a dad, those dads also reap significant benefits from the experience.

The media often portrays fathers as inept, out of touch or just checked out for comic effect. Here’s a list of books which include plugged-in fathers that buck this bothersome trend.

Sick of all A-Rod, all the time? Here’s a column I wrote showing some lessons dads can teach their children based on the beleaguered star’s PED woes.

This Mom’s reflections on time spent saying, “hurry up” to your kids is well worth a read for Dads everywhere.

Do fathers cause sibling rivalry among sons? One Daddy blogger considers a study saying so and takes it to the woodshed (and does it with a fun movie reference!)

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