Friday Fatherhood Links: The Summer Shape-Up Edition


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... Some subjects I wish I could put off forever with my kids. The wide world of porn is one of them, so I’m glad Go Fatherhood has some thoughts on the subject first. 

… Summer months can chase many a dad indoors when they should be working out in the local park. Mocha Dad has seven handy tips for fathers to stay trim without hurting their health in the dog days of summer.

Fathers don’t have to be fashion emergencies, but things sure were easier when our dads went shopping for clothes.

Generation Y fathers are looking at the work-life balance in a whole new way, and women could benefit greatly from their outlook.

A new documentary argues that the modern male is anxious to the core from having to abide by rigid rules of masculinity. Like the concept? Check out the corresponding Kickstarter campaign.

Kyle Smith’s review of “Red 2” has absolutely nothing to do with fatherhood. That doesn’t mean dads won’t appreciate premium grade snark when they see it.

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