How to Carve a Turkey: A Task Every Father Should Master

Turkey Carving tipsEvery Dad should know how to throw a football, check the oil in his car and carve a turkey. If you’re lucky, your own father taught you all of the above.

My Dad schooled me on throwing a fastball, which is close enough in my book. He also gave me a Cars 101 talk that didn’t quite take – my fault entirely. He dropped the (foot)ball on the carving side of the ledger. So, with Thanksgiving only a few days away, the folks at reached out to Daddylibrium to share everything you need to know about carving a turkey.

Check out the handy tips below, provided by the site, or check out more photos and a video at’s How to Carve a Turkey page.

Ready to Carve?

Let your turkey rest for 15 to 30 minutes, depending on its size, before beginning to carve. This settles the juices.

Leg and Thigh
Slice the skin near the thigh to separate the leg from the body. Cut through the joint and along the body, angling the knife towards the bone as you cut.

White Meat
Next, remove the wing. Then, make a long, deep cut along one side of the breast bone. Follow the curve of the bone, using long strokes with the tip of your knife and gently pulling the meat away as you go.

Slicing White Meat
Cut across the breast meat into nice slices for serving. Cut the wing in half.

Slicing Dark Meat
Separate the thigh from the drumstick by wiggling your knife in the joint until you feel the sweet spot. Remove the bone from the thigh and place the boneless thigh skin-side-up to slice.

How to Carve a Turkey from the FoodNetwork.comReady to Eat
Now your turkey is perfectly carved and sliced — time to dig in! Remember to save the carcass for turkey stock.

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