Leave Clogged Drains to Drainwig

Drainwig-Bathtub-reviewOur pet chickens have better handyman skills than this dad. It’s just not in my fatherhood tool kit.

I can make two PB & J sandwiches in under a minute, tutor on how to hold a baseball bat and steer kids toward scary but not too scary movies. Fixing something broken? Time to find a professional.

I made that very clear while I was dating the future Mommylibrium. She swallowed hard and accepted me as I am. Of course, we didn’t own a home at the time …

Recently the folks behind a unclogging drain device reached out to me about their product. We’ve had drainage issues in our home for years, so I was intrigued. They generously shared two of their products with me for review consideration.

Then it was my turn to swallow hard. Does it require … installation? Tools? What have I done? Good thing the Drainwig couldn’t be easier to install.

Gone in 60 Seconds

The device features a long string of metallic beads that is inserted, or dropped, into your drain. A suction-cup anchor attaches to the side of the tub or sink to keep the beads from exiting down the drain like so many scrubbing bubbles. It’s all set in about a minute.

Drainwig Shower

The Drainwig is supposed to live in the drain for roughly two to four months before being retrieved. You can sneak a peek at the progress before then, though, by pulling the device partially free. That will make sure the device isn’t so full you won’t be able to pull it out.

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I installed our Drainwig last week. A few days later we had a cleaning woman come in to spit-polish our main floor. I forgot to tell her about the Drainwig, so she removed it during the cleaning process. In just that short time span, though, the Drainwig was doing its job. I saw several hair clumps attached to the device.

Perhaps the lesser-known Drainwig perk is realizing just how much the people in your life shed. You may be more forgiving of the family dog from now on.

Parents should tell their children more than once not to unstick the Drainwig anchor from the side of the tub. That suction cup adhesive works, but small, curious hands can pry it free. The drain also should start free of clogs for the Drainwig to work properly. The company offers other helpful tips at its site.

Win Your Own Drainwig!

The device comes in two models – one for bathtubs and the other for flat drain-type shower stalls. A set of two Drainwigs costs $9.99 at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Curious? Why not enter to win a free Drainwig by clicking on the link below? The contest ends Sept. 30, 2015. Good luck!

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