Listen Up, Moms – Here’s Some Gift Ideas to Make Dad’s Day

Eastwood movie collectionI’ve taken some of the fun out of Father’s Day already, declaring my new smart phone as “all the gift I need, darlin’.”

My fellow Dads, however, hopefully haven’t made a similar selfless pledge. With that in mind, here are some suggestions on ways Moms can make their Hubbies happy June 16.

  • Clint Eastwood: 20 Film Collection: This new Blu-ray grab-bag exists for fathers who have been very, very good this year. Grit your teeth through “Firefox” and “Space Cowboys” and your husband will spend hours with Dirty Harry, Will Munny, Philo Beddoe and other iconic characters from Eastwood’s rich past.
  • Qello: What’s Qello? If your husband loves music, it’s a service that delivers HD-quality concerts, documentaries and films to his laptop, desktop, Smart TV or mobile device. For a $50 annual fee, dads can access an array of music-based content to savor between diaper changes. You can select the picture quality to suit your needs – my high-speed Internet service couldn’t handle the top HD speed, but lesser levels still deliver clear images. You can search the concerts by song titles which is great, allowing you to cherry pick your favorites rather than waste time you simply don’t have. The site’s selection won’t blow you away – hey hey, where are the Monkees? It’s still a creative gift for a music-lovin’ dad.
  • Beatles Stories: Think you know everything about the Fab Four? Not quite. Singer/songwriter Seth Swirsky put down the guitar long enough to direct “Beatles Stories,” a documentary featuring both the famous (Art Garfunkel, Jon Voight, Brian Wilson) and the not so famous telling tales about the Beatles. What emerges is a more intimate portrait of the greatest band in rock history, and a must-buy for Beatles fans.
  • Bad Beetle Apple accessories: Is your husband as green as a Christmas tree? Then consider a product from Bad Beetle, an eco-friendly line of products for your Apple goodies.
  • Personal Shopper: Yes, it sounds very Metrosexual to get your hubby such a treat, but a good friend said her a male friend received one and found it a perfect way to assemble several go-to outfits for work and play. Just call a store like Nordstrom and ask for an appointment with a personal shopping consultant. Said specialist will meet your husband and suggest a variety of sartorial options without the emotional baggage you might feel when the Missus makes the call.
  •  Geek Out: If the man in your life prefers quoting “Star Wars” over reciting football stats try a visit to The genre-heavy site has its own page dedicated to Father’s Day, featuring goodies like a Dr. Who gift pack as well as more traditional fare like BBQ accessories .

So, how about some more unconventional gift suggestions for dear ol’ Dad? Let ‘er rip in the comments section below. Who knows? Maybe your idea will spare some father, somewhere, from another loud and unnecessary tie.


  1. says

    One thing to NOT get him … an electric razor. There’s a reason they advertise the heck out of them at Christmas and Father’s Day: No man has ever bought himself one. They don’t really work, and shaving isn’t the deadly chore razor makers try to make women believe. (BTW, Love Philo Beddo … the scene where he’s out for his 10-mile morning job, in jeans, is worth the whole movie on its own!)

  2. Christian says

    I still use an electric razor, Chase, but they don’t last long and it takes me a while to find one that actually works on my face. I’m no Man of Steel, but my stubble apparently can leap tall buildings in a single bound.

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