Why Your Nanny Should Act Like a Game Show Hostess

Game show hostess(Guest post by Ken Myers)

Each nanny wants to maintain the well-being of the children, but does your nanny have the abilities of a game show hostess? It may be odd to think of it in this sense, but stay with me and I’ll explain.

Proper Attitude – For the most part, a game show host or hostess assumes a specific attitude throughout the entire episode. Regardless of what the contestants do or say, it is their job to maintain order. Comments roll off of their backs while the game continues. The nanny should have a similar viewpoint. Regardless of the situation, your childcare professional needs to be just that – professional. Unwearied by the circumstances of the day, the nanny must be the one to keep the ball rolling.

High Energy – While it may be difficult to maintain high levels of energy throughout the entire day, the game show host or hostess puts on a “game face” and exudes a positive nature. With a “nothing is impossible” attitude, the host or hostess energizes those around him or her. A nanny could greatly benefit from exuding such positive vibes. Being happy and energetic can be quite contagious and could make for a much easier experience with children throughout the day.

Challenging, but Not Impossible – The TV games themselves are developed to be challenging, but not impossible to win. Otherwise, no one would play them. Your nanny also needs to challenge your children but understand the difference between working for success and setting up for failure. Tasks that are clearly out of reach by the children should be avoided, but other assignments shouldn’t be too easy, either. This will be dependent on your child’s skill level for the required task.

Building Up Confidence – With the exception of a few cynical game shows, most hosts and hostesses do what they can to help build the confidence of contestants to help them win. Although personal skill is usually the deciding factor of success, people like to see others win a game and earn prizes. Your nanny needs to be the kind of person that can help build a child’s confidence for success without doing the work for him or her. One can offer words or actions of encouragement without giving away the answers.

Daily Reliability – It’s very rare to have a game show without its primary host or hostess. Although it does happen in extreme cases, you can rely heavily on the host to be on your television five days a week. The nanny needs to be just as reliable. If she is absent from caring for your children, it could cause a ripple effect throughout the entire day ranging from lost wages to sacrificing important meetings.

While it’s unlikely that your nanny will enter your home with her own theme music playing, she should still be able to inspire your children to win at the game of life. Children need more than just someone standing around making sure they don’t get hurt. Although life truly isn’t a game, it is a different experience if you’re able to enjoy everything it has to offer.


Ken Myers is a father of three and passionate about great childcare. He’s always looking for ways to help families find the support they need to live fuller, richer lives. Find out more about expert childcare by checking out @go_nannies on Twitter.

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