Three Things Dads Should Never Do

Things No Dad Should Ever Do

Even the best dad you know occasionally makes a mistake. You know the guy. He always looks like he’s in control, dresses casually but still has style to spare and gets devoted glances from his perfectly behaved kids. He’s got an answer for every problem and he goes about his business without intentionally making you […]

Is Free Speech Out of Our Kids’ Reach?


The other day I wrote a sharply worded but sensible response to a Facebook post. Then I paused, highlighted the text and hit “Delete.” Why? I was afraid. Afraid someone might use what I wrote against me. Afraid readers might interpret it in a manner that didn’t reflect what was in my heart. Afraid it […]

Stay-at-Home Dads Will Hate ‘The Intern’


We’ve come a long way, baby, but not long enough according to Hollywood. The new movie “The Intern” stars Robert De Niro as a seasoned citizen who joins an e-commerce company as, yes, an intern. Turns out De Niro’s Ben Whittaker has something to offer virtually everyone in the office. It’s a heartfelt ode to […]

‘Hotel 2’ Doubles Down on Ghoulish Fun


Admit it, dads. Adam Sandler’s “Hotel Transylvania” caught you by surprise. Sandler’s recent films have wavered from mediocre to unwatchable. And that’s being kind. So who expected the charming antics found in 2012’s “Hotel,” or how snugly he fit as the voice of a proud vampire pappy? Can Sandler repeat himself? “Hotel Transylvania 2” proves […]

What My Sons Can Learn from Trump


The sooner Donald Trump abandons his reality show called a presidential campaign, the better. This Dad isn’t drawn in by Trump’s vague answers, bullying tactics and ego. If we wanted a quasi-celebrity in the Oval Office we’d have our first female president, Kim Kardashian. Here’s Trump doing what he does best… That doesn’t mean Trump’s […]

Leave Clogged Drains to Drainwig


Our pet chickens have better handyman skills than this dad. It’s just not in my fatherhood tool kit. I can make two PB & J sandwiches in under a minute, tutor on how to hold a baseball bat and steer kids toward scary but not too scary movies. Fixing something broken? Time to find a […]

7 Things I’ll Never Do as a Parent

7 Things I'll Never Do as a Parent

Becoming a parent changes everything. Well, almost everything. Sleep is now a luxury. Leisure time arrives slightly more often than Leap Year. Still, certain core elements of my personality didn’t change when fatherhood beckoned. In that vein, I vowed shortly after becoming a parent that I wouldn’t live out some awful parenting stereotypes. So if […]

iPod Shuffling Through the (47) Years


I dread updating my iPod like some parents fear a foul-smelling diaper. I never minded diaper duty, but the thought of clicking on that iTunes icon gives me chills. The iPod isn’t connecting to the computer. Some songs didn’t sync properly. Beloved albums are suddenly gone. The software just won’t launch. Anything could happen, and my […]

This ‘Visit’ Is Almost Worth the Trip


From the mind of M. Night Shyamalan … now that’s a scary prospect. The director who delivered “The Sixth Sense” is now a cinematic punchline, but he’s back once more to reclaim his artistic mojo with “The Visit.” The new shocker trots out cinema’s worst card trick – the found footage gimmick – but manages […]

Why Social Media Can’t Save Wonder Woman or Us


This looks like a job for … some social media outrage! Parents were riveted to last month’s story about a girl banned from bringing her Wonder Woman lunch box into school. Turns out the school has a policy about violent images inside the building. Here’s the school’s official response to this lil’ outlaw: “The dress […]