When Parenthood Is Its Own Superpower

No Escape parents

Could you throw your child off of a roof? Now, some parents might consider that after surviving the mother of all tantrums … but never seriously. In “No Escape,” proud papa Owen Wilson must throw not one but two daughters off of a roof to ensure their safety. The new film performed modestly over the weekend, […]

Jumping the Gun on Breaking News

Jumping the gun

Another day, another tragedy involving guns. That means social media erupted on the subject. No, we didn’t know the facts of the case shortly after the slayings. It may take days to learn all the pertinent information. The blur of misinformation and conjecture immediately following events like this is profound, particularly in our digital age. […]

How to Deal with Dueling Alex P. Keatons

This Dad doesn’t need a DeLorean to travel back to the Reagan era. I just look at my two young sons and see “Family Ties” playing out before my eyes. For those of you who didn’t watch that NBC comedy, it starred Michael J. Fox as the bright, entrepreneurial Alex P. Keaton. Alex’s lust for […]

Am I Raising a Participation Trophy Winner?

participation trophy winner 2

My son has a quick answer whenever he drops a football sent his way. “Bad throw, Dad,” he says, hoping that explains it. Eli is six, and he drops the ball quite a bit. But I’m learning not to take his excuses with a good-hearted shrug. It’s part of his sports maturity, the ability to play […]

Five Movies Dads Should Stream ASAP


Streaming technology has been a bonanza for this dad. Sometimes, I even have time to watch a movie myself. Services like Netflix offering a crush of content for the little ones, all without commercial interruptions. You don’t need me to recommend G-rated shows like “Curious George,” “Caillou” (shudder…) or “Scooby Doo!” But since I review […]

Our Son Is in Therapy … What Next?


No four year old should find himself on a therapist’s couch. Yet that’s where Ben was this week, playing with toys while a therapist gently pelted him with questions. It’s part of our latest effort to help him process his emotions and, in turn, prevent the kind of meltdowns that have turned our summer into […]

Nature vs. Nurture? Stop the Fight!


Sometimes a slogan says it all. “Where’s the Beef?” “Hope and Change.” For me, the title of my youngest son’s first ”book” captures him completely. “Santa Fights Back” isn’t in a store near you. It’s just a story he came up with during the school year, one his pre-school teacher captured on his behalf. Only […]

10 Lessons from 10 Years of Marriage


Looks like we made it, dear. Now let’s shoot for 20. Our culture tends to get worked up over 5 and 10-year anniversaries. I’m happy to go along, especially since this week marks my 10th wedding anniversary to the lovely Mommylibrium. Where did the time go? I’m too tired to even answer the question. I’m […]

Grilled Chicken Tips for Frustrated Fathers


Some Daddy stereotypes aren’t so bad. Yes, modern dads cringe over jokes about fathers who don’t change diapers or who wash their hands of household chores. Still, what father doesn’t like being considered the King of the Grill? Only this king is a bit like a jester when it’s time to grill chicken. I’ve served […]

The Final Word(s) on Marcy’s Diner

The mother at the heart of the Marcy’s Diner saga has said her peace. That won’t be the end of it, of course. For those who live blissfully free from the social media cycle, the controversy began when the owner of a Maine restaurant yelled at a nearly two-year-old girl to shut her yap. This much […]