Daddylibrium Review: Micro Touch One Razor

MicroTouch RazorThere’s something undeniably male about shaving with a naked razor blade.

Enter the Micro Touch One razor. The old-school product is designed for both efficiency and throwback appeal. No quadruple razor blades, comfort strips or other trappings of the modern shaving experience. You can practically feel each whisker being cut down to size by the brass and chrome plated device.

At $19.99 the price is certainly classic as is the carrying case with its all-black packaging and red velvet-style interior.

But how does it shave?

Using the Micro Touch One takes a little adjustment for men married to electric shavers or rail-thin disposables. The razor is small and boasts a large head, but the dimensions don’t feel awkward. To start, drop a single, thin razor blade into its butterfly-like opening by twisting the bottom of the handle. Plop the blade into the exposed head and then screw the handle to its original position. You’re ready to go.

The size of the razor head made getting to delicate areas of your face (i.e. under your nose) harder at first, but with a little practice it gets easier. The nice part of the Micro Touch’s design is having two razor surfaces. That means you can shave for twice as long without having to run the foamy head under the water to clean.

Daddylibrium used the razor six times, cutting myself twice in the process. After the fifth shave I switched out the blade, but it was more as a precautionary measure since the blade itself didn’t demand it. I’ve used a variety of razors over the last two decades from electric models to disposable types. The Micro Touch’s shave is comparable to most but not superior.

Fathers should know they must dispose of spent razors safely to keep them out of the reach of curious toddlers. The razor case itself should also be stored in a high place. It’s easy for young fingers to pry open, and the razor inside is ready to do damage in small hands.

The Micro Touch One comes with the razor, 12 blades and the hard-shell travel case for $19.99. Extra charges include $7.99 shipping and handling, plus an additional $4.99 shipping cost for a bonus set of 12 blades. It’s a solid, practical alternative to today’s super-deluxe models, one that will make me think twice before reaching for my trusty electric shaver.

Note: Daddylibrium received a complimentary MicroTouch One razor for review purposes on the condition my published comments would accurately reflect my impressions of the product.


  1. says

    You and your readers should know that while the Micro Touch One lists at $19.99, when you include shipping of the razor plus the separate shipping of the “free” blades the price comes up to over $30. At that price point you can find comparable (or better) values. While you probably won’t be able to go down to your neighborhood grocery for a double edge razor there are excellent alternatives available on places like Amazon (Merkur, Parker, Muhle, and Edwin Jagger are brands to look for). Don’t get me wrong though, the Micro Touch One isn’t a bad razor. And you are right that shaving with a double edge razor takes a slightly different technique than modern cartridge razors (not to mention electrics!): it’s a skill that might have a bit of a learning curve. But, like learning to ride a bike or play a musical instrument, it can pay off. I shaved with an electric for 30 years before I “saw the light” and went old-school with lather shave soap/cream, a brush, and a single blade razor. Now shaving is a pleasant, almost meditative diversion instead of a painful chore.

    • Christian Toto says

      Mark … great point about the shipping prices. I will amend the post to let readers know about the shipping part of the price.

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