Would You Send Your Child to Mary Poppins Camp?

Denver Offers a Mary Poppins Day CampHello Muddah, hello Fadduh. Here I am at Camp … Led Zeppelin?

It’s still winter, but the occasional 50-degree day reminds us spring is around the corner. And when summer strikes, you’ll need something to keep the kiddies busy.

It’s why Mommylibrium stopped me in my tracks while reading the day camp offerings here in Denver.

Lift Off with LEGO

Master Hip Hop

Mary Poppins



Led Zeppelin

The latter? “Performance-based music camp for intermediate to advanced players. It will feature placement in a band setting, daily rehearsals with group instructions and an end-of-camp concert.”

Some of the local camp offerings touched my heart, like Shining Stars: A Class for Differently Abled Actors and Actresses. Others just made me giggle – Super Hero: Invoke Your Alter Ego Camp (including “cape making” and “dance tumbling” … insert your own “Batman and Robin” joke here).

The camp selections remind us of just how different childhood is today than when I was a lad. Never mind the tech improvements. Pong can’t hold a candle to Angry Birds. No, children now have so much more at their disposal. Parents, in turn, can draw upon decades of new information their parents lacked.

Are children better off as a result? Will my kids be part of a generation lucky enough to attend Led Zeppelin Camp? Will they be able to process complexities in a way I never could as a boy? Or, are all these bells and whistles mere distractions, not proof that we’re evolving as a society for the better?

What say you, fathers?


  1. Maureen Toto says

    Coming from another generation, where my children had more than I did and now their children have more than they had. The bottom line is life goes on. You still need to work, raise children, keep them safe, worry about them and worry about supporting them well during these grandious camps. There have always been camps. Some more elite than others, but kids will be kids. Whether they are Batman or Robin, none in the real world, they still need love, nurturing, morality and education. The only thing they will get out of camp is sunshine and some new friends. It is a way for adults to be entreprenours (spelling?). There I go again spouting all my ideals.

  2. says

    OK, I’m obviously NOT a father, but I have to agree. Children are a little “ruined” in this day and age. But seriously? Super Hero Camp? Where can I sign up because I totally want to make my cape.I still remember walking to school (up both ways) in 12 feet of snow. My parents, I’m certain, had to endure the uphill walk in 24 feet of snow. It is what it is, and each generation has it easier than the last. Let’s just cross our fingers that we’re reincarnated like 3 generations from now.

    • Christian Toto says

      Yes, it might be ‘retro’ to go to camp and just make tiny boats and generic crafts! Maybe that will be the next cool trend … it seemed to serve our parents well enough!

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