‘Sex Tape’ Offers True Love in Era of Compromised Morals

Sex-Tape-MovieWhat married parent can’t relate to the couple at the heart of “Sex Tape?”

Yes. “Sex Tape” the movie.

The comedy stars Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel as a formerly hot and heavy couple who rarely have sex now thanks to their harried existence.

That’s a fancy way of saying they have children.

They decide to make a sex tape to recharge their lustful batteries, and complications that only happen in the movies commence. Let’s ignore the farcical situations, the strained comic subplots and the drunken way the film veers from R-rated high jinks to soft and cuddly moments.

What impressed me about the film is how dedicated the main characters are to each other and their marriage. That came back to me when I read about a survey showing that married people with children are more likely to cheat than couples who don’t have kids.

Parents, a new survey reports, are nearly twice as likely to cheat as married people without children. In the online study of 1,000 18- to 49-year-olds, followed up with focus groups around the country, 18 percent of parents said they’ve strayed, compared to only 11 percent of childless married people.

The New York Post digs a little deeper, doing its own research as to why this might be true. Here’s how one married parent explained it.

“It’s a break from the kids,” says the woman, who owns a children’s clothing boutique and asked to remain anonymous. She says her affair encouraged her to lose her post-pregnancy weight and “start wearing extensions again. When you’re a mom, you literally wake up and you go to sleep wiping butts, wiping noses, and if you get out of yoga pants, it’s a good day.”

Well, as long as there’s a good reason for the infidelity.

I have three rock-solid reasons why I’ll never skip out on Mommylibrium:

  1. I work from home, so the only single female I see from 9-to-5 is our dog, Janey Girl.
  2. Since meeting my future wife I haven’t had a woman seriously hit on me in any setting.
  3. No matter how insanely beautiful I might find another woman, the thought of having to tell my kids they won’t see me during the week any more because of her makes me wanna wretch.

Life is complicated. Marriage is much more so. Yet it’s reassuring that at a time when divorce and infidelity are both common and commonly rationalized a comedy shows us a couple doing whatever it takes to stay together.


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    As a married person without kids I find this fascinating. However, I’m not surprised. My husband is my best friend and I’ve seen husbands (especially husbands) get a little left behind once kids come around. All of a sudden the wife no longer has eyes just for him and sometimes it’s even worse as the kid grows up and the mom (or dad) tries to be that kids best friend.

    It’s interesting that the quote is from a woman, and I’d be interested to know how many who cheat are males v. females. I’d put money on men cheating more.

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