Think Outside the Toy Box for Toddler Decor

Avengers decorYou don’t need a degree in interior design to make your child’s room look unique. Sometimes the best solutions can be found right there in your son or daughter’s toy box.

I emerged from college with three art degrees, but it’s my wife who took the initiative to reshape our four-year-old son’s bedroom. She figured Elijah was getting older and a lot of the baby-ish decorations in his room added clutter and little else. So she found inspiration in the crush of superhero paraphernalia scattered across the room.

We already had the Avengers comforter set on Elijah’s bed – our family bought so much Avengers junk over the past year we’re expecting Stan Lee to appear at the door with a hand-signed thank you note.


Next, Julie wanted to get some of the toys off the floor and onto the walls for colorful decorations. So she bought small hooks and hung up two superhero masks, Captain America’s mighty shield and the Hulk’s slip-on fists to create a simple but effect homage to those spandex-clad heroes. It cost under $10, and we no longer have to pick any of those items off the floor.

We also used hooks to hang Elijah’s superhero costumes on another wall, sort of like how Tony Stark has that space with all his Iron suits displayed neatly in his work area. Besides, you never know when a supervillain might come knocking on our door.

The hangings add color and texture to the room, are perfectly in sync with Elijah’s current passions make the room look different that any other’s boys space we could imagine.

Now comes the hard part. I haven’t tackled a significant art project in ages, but my wife sweetly nudged me to paint Captain America and Iron Man on canvas to complete my son’s room. It’s actually a good excuse to fire up the ol’ right brain and see if all that art training will, at long last, pay off.

Better late than never.


  1. Cynthia Ambrose says

    Good job! looks cool. If you feel way too rusty, you can always buy a cheap t-shirt with the super hero of the day on it and spread it over the canvas to create your artwork.

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