Tips to Make Bowling a Fun Date Night

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Appropriate for a fun first date or the hundredth, dusting off the old bowling balls and rolling a few lines has long been a favorite for couples on date night.

The only problem is that like a lot of staples such as dinner and a movie, the familiar can get a little too familiar and become stale and boring. That’s the last thing anybody wants on date night! Here are a few tips to keep your bowling date night fun, fresh and exciting.

Bowling Shirts + Crazy Socks = Fun

Nothing says bowling fun quite like a loud bowling shirt. You don’t have to buy expensive league-style or designer shirts, either. Your bowling date night shirts might be matching T-shirts you paint or stencil with iron-on transfers. You can find great old bowling shirts in thrift stores and on eBay, too. Get creative and have fun with it—that’s the whole point. You can also have a lot of fun with crazy socks on bowling date night. The apparel really is half the battle in setting the proper mood for fun at the bowling center.

Keep it Light but Reward Success

Now, on date night a little competition is fine as long as it’s romantic competition. How do you accomplish that small feat? You set some ground rules before you start bowling. A strike may be worth a kiss, a spare is worth a hug, etc. Let your imagination run free here and keep it fun. Perhaps the winner gets to pick where you go for the next fancy dinner date or where you go for gelato later that night.

Some bowling centers offer “cosmic bowling” where the lights are turned down low. Guys who are thoughtful enough to schedule date night on cosmic bowling night will be heroes with their dates before they even start bowling. One final tip: call the bowling center ahead of time so you can schedule your date on a night that won’t be too crowded in the center. League nights are probably not your best bet.

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