What My Sons Can Learn from Trump

donald-trump-lessons-fatherhoodThe sooner Donald Trump abandons his reality show called a presidential campaign, the better.

This Dad isn’t drawn in by Trump’s vague answers, bullying tactics and ego. If we wanted a quasi-celebrity in the Oval Office we’d have our first female president, Kim Kardashian. Here’s Trump doing what he does best…

That doesn’t mean Trump’s remarkable run doesn’t have some teachable moments.

When you’re a parent, Teachable Moments arrive as often as tantrums and midnight water requests. It just depends on how attuned your radar is to find them.

It took a while before mine adjusted to the Trump Effect. The more I thought about it, the more I realized his presidential bid has “moments” my children could use. Now, my boys are too young to follow election coverage. They don’t care about debates or the latest poll figures.

I do. Can’t help myself. That means I can use my political curiosity to their benefit by teaching the Art of Trump’s Deal … or at least a chapter or two.

Toot Your Own Horn: It’s here where Mommylibrium, gulp, is on the same page as Trump. Why not shout out your own successes? How often will others do the same? It’s best not to use words like, “huuuuge” to describe your greatest hits, but a dash of Trumpian self-promotion can be a good thing.

Be Different: Trump has offered something unique into our modern culture. He doesn’t apologize. That isn’t always a good thing. It’s fine to apologize when you do something wrong, assuming one actually regrets what’s happened and is genuinely contrite. It’s the “other” apologies that grind my gears, the kind people do out of pressure or pragmatism. When Trump offends someone he typically doesn’t back down, whimper or offer a canned mea culpa. That’s refreshing … and different.

Go on the Offensive: Trump doesn’t take kindly to criticism. Score that as one of his many character flaws. He still routinely goes on the offensive, keeping friends and foes alike off-balance. There’s something to be said about this approach. It doesn’t always come in handy, but in a pinch a vigorous attack is better than a counter-attack.

Don’t Abide by Naysayers: Just about every political pundit counted Trump out two months ago. Then again a month later. Then last week. They’re probably counting him out (again) as you read this. And he hasn’t gone away yet. Go with your gut, your passion, your commitment. Don’t let others dictate your present, let alone your future. It’s worked for Trump so far. Even if his poll numbers crash tomorrow he’s done better than even he predicted, if he were truly honest with himself and put aside the posturing.


  1. says

    Gotta say, I was a little worried at first. Nice job pulling lessons for your boys from the current presidential campaign debacles. Despite the obvious flaws, there are some positive qualities Trump exhibits that I’d like my kids to emulate as well.

    • Christian says

      You can’t be as successful as Trump without displaying some positive attributes …. but sometimes you gotta squint to see them, KC!

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