Win a Copy of ‘Minimalist Parenting’ from Daddylibrium!

Minimalist ParentingStressed out by the glut of parental books in the marketplace?

Why not try one that tells fathers to trust their instincts over the cacophony of advice in our media-saturated lives? “Minimalist Parenting” by Christine Koh and Asha Dornfest promises to streamline the parenting process in a way that makes sense for our families.

“For any parents who feel overwhelmed with clutter in their homes, their schedules, or their brains (that is, just about every parent!), Minimalist Parenting is an invaluable guide to making family life more serene—and more fun.” (Gretchen Rubin, author of Happier at Home and the best-seller The Happiness Project)

Daddylibrium readers can win a copy of the book by entering the site’s inaugural contest which begins Nov. 6 and ends Nov. 20, 2013. Good luck!

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