Daddylibrium Taking a Time Out

I’ve been covering my awkward, exasperating and unforgettable journey into parenthood for close to three years now. It’s time for a time out. Kids need them now and again, and adults are no different. And part of my new challenge is twofold. I’ll be resuming my entertainment site this week, and that will take […]

How to Make Living with a Newborn Easier


(Guest post by Emma Valle) Whether you just brought a baby home from the hospital or are expecting to soon, you’re likely getting a lot of advice about newborns. From sleepless nights to weeknight dinners, every aspect of your new life can feel tricky. While every baby is different, and there is no perfect formula […]

Help! My Son Is a Crybaby

My son cries at the drop of a hat. Like father, like son. I’m famous in my family for having a horrible memory. Yes, I can still recall the numbers of the two “Raising Arizona” VHS copies from my video store days – 2090, 2091 if you’d like to reserve a copy. The rest of my […]

How to Crush That Parent-Teacher Conference


It’s hard not to feel like an insecure kid again while meeting your child’s teacher. The sights and sounds of school come flooding back as you settle into your under-sized seat. You may be an adult with all the responsibilities that title implies. You’re still at the mercy of a teacher who gets to spend […]

Is Your Kid a Video Game Zombie, Too?

I once watched a dear young girl turn into zombie before my eyes. It wasn’t on a Very Special Episode of “The Walking Dead.” This was real life. She was the kind of kid any parent would want – sweet, smart and mannered. When she got her hands on a handheld video game, though, she […]

5 Fall Projects Your Kids Will Love


(Guest post by Kristin Belt) Don’t let the thought of raking leaves get you down. Fall-based craft projects are a wonderful, creative way to spend time with your children. If you’re looking for a few new projects to tackle before the first snowflakes fall, here are some autumn-themed crafts you can make with just a […]

‘The Toothless Fairy’ Book Review


Parents know how awful many children’s book projects turn out despite the best of intentions. It’s why we collectively kneel at the altar of Dr. Seuss. Mr. Cat in the Hat penned tales brimming with humor, heart and wisdom. Oh, the places they take us, young and old! But for every Seussian whimsy there are dozens […]

How to Teach Your Child Not to Be Cool

cool fonzie

Kids for generations have yearned to be cool. My six-year-old son already learned how to be cool via three simple rules. Don’t smile Don’t laugh Look like you’re bored. That’s it, and Eli should know. He picked it up from some fellow first graders. Heck, even Arthur Fonzarelli himself would defer to that pool of […]