Try This Chocolate Pumpkin Pie on Thanksgiving

Symon Choc Pumkin Pie

Thanksgiving marks the start of the Christmas season and the peak of pumpkin-flavored treats. So before pumpkins give way to candy canes and egg nog why not try the following chocolate-flavored recipe? It’s courtesy of “Thanksgiving at Bobby’s” which premieres at 12 p.m. Nov. 22 on the Food Network. The all-star special features Thanksgiving-themed recipes [...]

How Parents Can Steer Clear of ‘Dumb’ Movie Choices

Nell Minow, AKA Movie Mom, is none too pleased with the PG:13 rating attached to “Dumb and Dumber To.” The veteran film critic, a friend of Daddylibrium, excoriated the MPAA’s ratings system for dubbing a film teeming with inappropriate material in such a fashion. Parents should know that this movie has material that would receive [...]

Why Making One Great Friend May Be Enough


My late Father’s unofficial rules of life continue to guide my path. Most of them, anyway. Dad’s famous line, “no man is rich enough to afford a used car” sounded hollow to me then, and it hasn’t aged well. Other slices of his wisdom, though, help me in my fatherhood journey. One line in particular [...]

Do I Have a Budding Narcissist (or Two) on My Hands?


For roughly two years my most used phrase was, “good boy!” If Eli climbed a ladder, navigated a curb or just did exactly what he was supposed to, I cheered along with a hearty, “good boy!” And I’m not alone. Go to any local park and you’ll hear a chorus of “good boys” and “good [...]

Mattress Memories: Family Bonds Then … and Now


As a child my favorite place in the world was my parents’ bed. I’d seek the be out in the middle of the night if a bad dream got the best of me. I had to insinuate myself onto it like a cat burglar waiting for his prey to fall asleep. Once I spotted an [...]

5 Reasons I Won’t Stop Dressing Up on Halloween


If it’s Halloween, it’s time for this Dad to break out the greasepaint. I stopped dressing up for Halloween some years ago. It’s a holiday for kids … right? Then I met my wife, who treated Halloween as the most important day of the year. Partners often rub off on each other in ways you [...]

Dad Writes New Career Chapter with ‘Jellyfish,’ Keeps Family First


Stay at home dad Chris Routly started second guessing himself while writing his third children’s book, “Sometimes You Need a Jellyfish.” “The more I read about writing children’s books, the more I realized I was breaking all the rules, like ‘don’t make it rhyme… you’re not as clever as you think you are,’” Routly tells [...]

Kids Deserve Nothing Less than a #HealthyDad


Being a dad can be hazardous to your health. My boys use my like a Jungle Gym, beg me to buy them sugary treats and leave me bone tired at the end of every day. That’s why I need to stay as healthy as possible. It’s one reason Daddylibrium decided to participate in the Anthem Blue [...]