Dad of Cancer Survivor Offers Tips for Dealing with Disease

Chamness family at St. Baldrick's event

When Chuck Chamness’ 8 year old son Joey was diagnosed with a potentially fatal form of cancer in 2005 the boy had an important question. Will the treatment make him lose his hair? Joey’s sister asked their father the same question. “I said to him, ‘If it makes you feel better, I’ll shave my head, [...]

Daddylibrium Book Review: ‘Dad’s Book of Awesome Science Experiments’

Dad's Book of Awesome-Science-Experiments

My children may look normal, but deep down they’re both mad scientists eager to be unleashed. So when I heard about “Dad’s Book of Awesome Science Experiments” I simply had to have it. Author Mike Adamick gathers 30 kid-friendly experiments requiring basic household goods, a little patience and some paper towels for cleanup. The author cautions [...]

‘The Nut Job’ Movie Review: Desperate Gags Distract Children, Punish Parents

The Nut Job review

Not every animated film can be “Frozen.” Some, like “The Nut Job,” fail to match mediocrities like “Free Birds.” “The Nut Job,” available April 15 on Blu-ray, serves up frantic comedy and a smattering of scatological gags to little effect. Children may dig the manic energy, but they won’t cling to characters unworthy of their [...]

‘Rio 2′ Screening Brings Out the Fine Feathered … Dancers

Ben, Eli, Rachel Crow and Rio 2 Dancers

Taking my children to the movies is always an event, but last Saturday had me plucking feathers out of my pockets while watching “Rio 2.” I make sure to have enough distractions on hand whenever my boys and I hit the local theater. Candy. Popcorn. Prayer, in worst case scenarios. When I received an invite [...]

College Friday: Show Your University Pride (and Get Free Ice Cream)

College Friday free ice cream

One of my strongest college memories has nothing to do with beer pong, streaking or watching “Animal House” for the 48th time. It was my first few minutes alone in my dorm room. I entered the bathroom, took out my razor and shaved. That’s it. The shave was more than a grooming chore. I felt free, [...]

Five Parenting Hacks to Save You Time, Money and a Little Sanity

Parenting Hacks Featured Image

On any given day parents run into a half-dozen problems that make them long for their pre-child days. Mommylibrium and I had that kind of weekend. But to summon the wisdom of “Raising Arizona,” I’d rather light a candle than curse your darkness. In other words, here are five parenting hacks we learned the hard way [...]

‘Drawing with Mark’ DVDs Offer Serious Art Instruction for Kids, Parents

Drawing Secrets

There’s a good reason audiences watched Bob Ross drawing forests full of “happy trees.” We’re fascinated by artists creating before our eyes. Children can savor that feeling via two new DVD releases aimed at inspiring their inner Picasso. Professional illustrator Mark Marderosian is back with a pair of videos – “Drawing with Mark: Life on [...]