(Wrongly) Thinking Hardest Parenting Years Are Over


For a New York Minute this dad thought he was over the hump. Parents of young children know all too well the hump of which I speak. It’s bed time rituals involving tears, shouting and very little sleep. Restaurant dinners where you leave early so as not to cause an even bigger scene. The simple [...]

The Best Life Advice Is Right Under Our Toes

One Foot in Front of the Other ...

Who knew an animated Kris Kringle and his warlock pal would have so much wisdom for parents? Two recent pop culture moments reminded me how to conduct myself as an entrepreneur, husband and dad. Last week I spoke with Danielle Brisebois, the pre-teen star of “Archie Bunker’s Place” who now writes music for a living. [...]

What I Plan to Tell My Sons About Media Bias

All the News that's Fit to Read-

My son Elijah is making progress with his “sight words,” but he still can’t read a newspaper. That’s a relief, since I’d hate him to know how reporters are covering the latest news. Journalism is personal to me. Not only did I ditch art for a reporting career, but I’ve seen firsthand how the news can [...]

National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day Promotes Beautiful Cause

Father Daughter Ugly Christmas sweater

(Guest post by Brent Foreman) Ditch the suit, grab the sweater. At least that’s the philosophy at National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day. For four years, the ugly sweater connoisseurs behind National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day have sported their ugliest sweaters on the second Friday in December for a day filled with fun and holiday cheer. [...]

The One Christmas Tradition This Dad Could Do Without


Fighting has been part of my childhood Christmas tradition for as long as I can remember. Now, it’s infected my family’s Yuletide cheer. Can’t we all just get along during the most wonderful time of the year? Growing up, my brother and I argued over every part of the Christmas process. Buying the tree, though, [...]

Five Things I Hate About Hiking with Kids


This weekend we voluntarily left 70 degree Denver weather for a hike that made wearing three layers insufficient. Here’s where I’m supposed to extol the glories of hiking, how it teaches my children the value of exercise and the beauty of our Colorado vistas. True, all true. But there’s another side to hiking with kids, [...]

Cars.com Wants to See Your #newcarface

#newcarface Social Image

(The following post is sponsored by Cars.com) I’ll never forget the time I saw my first new car. The dealership wasn’t big or located in a hip neighborhood. Still, walking up to my – my! – new Pontiac Sunfire made me feel like a bona fide grown up. I had my first #newcarface. I’ve driven a [...]

Five Things I Wish I Could Share with My Father


My father’s birthday reminds me what I’m missing without him in my life. Dad passed nearly three years ago after a long illness. My boys were both under three at the time. He barely got to know them, and when we visited him he was often too sick to fully appreciate their toddler mischief. My [...]