Why the ‘Star Wars’ Teaser Trailer Moved Me to Tears


(Guest post by Tom Smithyman) Let me get this off of my chest right now. I cried when I saw the new “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” trailer. Oh, I didn’t curl up into the fetal position and lose control of my bodily functions, but I was emotionally moved. Over a movie teaser trailer. And [...]

My Son Thinks I’m a ‘Low-Down Yankee Liar’


Shane: So you’re Jack Wilson. Jack Wilson: What’s that mean to you, Shane? Shane: I’ve heard about you. Jack Wilson: What have you heard, Shane? Shane: I’ve heard that you’re a low-down Yankee liar. Jack Wilson: Prove it. My six-year-old son Eli doesn’t wear a black hat like the villain in “Shane.” That 1953 western [...]

6 Essential Tips for Home School Dads

home school dads

(Guest post by David Serwitz) Many people assume that all home-schooling families fit into a particular model: Dad goes to work and mom stays home to teach the kids. For many families, that is the way home schooling works. However, there are quite a few home-schooling families who do things a little differently. In these [...]

How to Survive a Mixed Political Marriage


I knew I was in trouble when I was called a “fascist” at a party thrown by my future wife’s friend. Was I the dictatorial leader of an impoverished nation? Did I support draconian policies that chilled freedom across the land? No. I was working for a conservative newspaper at the time, and that didn’t [...]

How a Comical Facebook Post Inspired Serious Blowback


I posted a news item to Facebook last week, the kind meant to inspire some comical, “society is doomed” head nods. Instead, two of the closest people in my inner circle agreed with the rationale behind the story. A school insisted parents sign a permission slip before their children eat Oreo cookies used in a [...]

‘Home’ Director Tim Johnson Draws Inspiration from Family


Director Tim Johnson grew up doodling every chance he got. He still does, even while promoting his latest project, the DreamWorks animated feature “Home.” Johnson’s artistic impulses are now an integral part of his film career, which includes directing past hits like “Antz” and “Over the Hedge.” “I feel profoundly lucky that DreamWorks has given [...]

It Gets Better, and More Updates from Parenting Trenches


For a while it felt like Benjamin was the accidental focus of this blog. I wrote about his Terrible Twos (and threes), our appointment with a counselor for his behavioral issues and how I dealt with his frequent tantrums. The only good news? He was too young to read it all himself. That was then. [...]

Four Tips for Working Out as a Couple


The most gut-wretching part of the year is nearly here – swimsuit season. At some point during the next few months you’ll be poolside and, more likely than not, sucking in your gut. Been there, inhaled that. This spring I decided to recruit a workout partner – Mommylibrium. She’s smart, sassy and looks fetching in spandex. [...]