Why School’s Not Out for Summer


Alice Cooper didn’t try to mislead us. He just recorded “School’s Out for Summer” in a different, less complicated time. Earlier this week Mommylibrium and I met with Eli’s teacher for an end-of-the-year chat. It didn’t take long. Eli is a hard-working student who appears to meet the requirements set before him. What struck me [...]

Why TV Size Matters to Men, Not Women


When I met my future wife she was watching a TV she scored from a dumpster. The TV’s reception was so bad we couldn’t tell Will from Grace. That didn’t bother her. When that set failed, she replaced it with another TV straight from, you guessed it, another dumpster. Suffice to say neither set took [...]

The Straight Poop on Our Boys’ Latest Obsession


Think you’ve heard every poop joke imaginable? Not if you haven’t dropped by our house lately. Our four-year old is obsessed with potty humor. Poop. Pee. Buttocks. Repeat. It started innocently enough, and I bet I partially encouraged it. I love when my sons dissolve into fits of laughter, and the easiest way to get [...]

How ‘Standing Up’ Taught Our Boys About Bullying


Mommylibrium insists our older son bullies his younger brother. I call it being a sibling. She has a point, I confess. Elijah occasionally displays bullying behavior when given the chance. I’m reticent to label every aggressive behavior “bullying,” as is the norm these days. Still, it’s our job as parents to let Elijah know this [...]

Why Dads Need to Learn About Postpartum Depression


Mommylibrium never demands I should write about a particular topic on this blog. But when she gives me a nudge I know well enough to listen. She recently took part in a conference devoted to perinatal mood disorders, something I haven’t thought about since our second child was born. Those first few weeks after welcoming a [...]

Six Rock Classics Your Children Aren’t Old Enough to Hear


Few things make me happier than my son demanding to hear “Werewolves of London” from my iPod. Most dads grew up on rock classics like that Warren Zevon ditty, so hearing a child clamor for it is sweet music indeed. Eli fell in love with the song’s signature howling, and for a while we’d all [...]

How to Make a Miniature Golf Course in Your Backyard


As a teen my life revolved not on dating but going to the movies and playing “Putt Putt.” That’s what we called miniature golf, a game I can’t wait for my sons to start playing. They’re still a mite young for a go at a local miniature golf course. It’s never good to take too [...]

Is It OK to Occasionally Hate Your Kids?


My wife asks me the same question roughly once a month, “do other parents feel this way?” The question usually comes after an epically bad day, one where our boys either broke something valuable, fought for what seemed like hours or simply ignored our every request. Sometimes all three. Yesterday, I had a question of [...]