Get Comfortable with Lee Jeans, Save 20 Percent!


For the second year in a row I developed a crush on a pair of Lee Jeans. I just got back from the Dad 2.0 Summit in San Francisco where the jeans company was once again a key sponsor. And the folks at Lee Jeans gave away free product for participating fathers. Free stuff. What’s [...]

How a Dating Disaster Led to Wedded Bliss


Elvis Costello nearly wrecked my chance at happiness. Let me explain. I was living in Alexandria, Va. at the time, and I had a date with an intriguing woman I met in tennis class. I didn’t know much about this Julie, but she forced me to power past my standard-issue shyness. We met for, what [...]

What One Courageous Dad Taught Me at Dad 2.0 Summit


This Dad wouldn’t call himself courageous, not by any conventional definition. I’ve never sky dived, served my country or rushed into a blazing building to save a life. Courage comes in many forms, though. And the most courageous father I met at this weekend’s Dad 2.0 Summit in San Francisco may not adhere to the [...]

Four Lessons (So Far) from 2015′s Dad 2.0 Summit


Who needs an excuse to escape winter’s worst by hanging out with the best dads across America? Daddylibrium is in quasi-sunny San Francisco this week for the Dad 2.0 Summit. It’s a far cry from the freeze much of the nation is in, and the annual event is run like a Swiss timepiece. So far [...]

Five Essential Tips to Win the War on Clutter


Some wars you lose without ever firing a shot. Take the War on Clutter, the scourge of the Middle Class family and a silent source of stress. This Dad didn’t even realize war had been declared before Mommylibrium took over the declutter brigade. Some of her Facebook pals decided to start a decluttering sub-group, a [...]

Three Ways to Keep Your Child Safe


(Guest Post by Preston Davis) It’s the dad’s job to be the big protector, to scare off monsters under the bed and make sure the house rules are enforced. We want our children to be able to freely explore and be adventurous, but above all, we want them to be safe. As my daughter continues [...]

Daddylibrium Review: ‘Clarence: Mystery Piñata’


You may never look at a fast food play area the same way after watching Cartoon Network’s “Clarence.” Too many kiddie shows focus on gross-out humor or meta gags meant for the parents, not the kids. Yes, “Clarence” traffics in both, but the animated series has a big, beautiful heart to go along with its unfortunate [...]

Teach Your Child to Play the Guitar with Cowboy Billy


The first time my son Eli picked up a guitar he instantly got The Look. Dads know it by heart, that rock star pose seen on MTV, live concerts and album covers. But is Eli ready to play the guitar or just strut like a wannabe Jimmy Page? So Daddylibrium checked in with music instructors Alex [...]