Am I Too Desensitized to Sex, Violence to Protect My Kids?


Almost nothing shocks me at the movies, and a new study suggests that may spell trouble for my children. As a film critic I watch far more movies than the average dad. Tough gig if you can get it, but this week’s news suggests a dark side to my profession. The Hollywood Reporter shares news [...]

What Sunday Mornings Used to Be Like (Before Kids)


“Remember what it was like before …” Mommylibrium will say, and I know exactly what she means without hearing another word. To parents, “BC” means “Before Children,” a time when diaper changes, department store tantrums and staying up until 9:06 p.m. on Friday weren’t the norm. Here’s where I trot out the mandatory, “I love [...]

Top 5 Lessons from Being a Fatherpreneur


I collected art degrees like they were mint condition comics as a younger man, and I’ve yet to draw a paycheck from any of them. Now, at 46, I’m sketching my first entrepreneurial journey. I long ago abandoned my artistic dreams to work as a writer. It’s still quite an adjustment to go from a steady [...]

Help Your Kids Play Outside (Even In Winter)


Winter is coming — are your kids heading inside as a result? If so, you should re-think your plan. Why is it that so many colds and flus start circulating in the winter as opposed to the summer? For many, it’s the lack of outdoor time that causes this problem. The fresh air and vitamin [...]

How to Survive Your Child’s Childish Sense of Humor


Take my son’s sense of humor … please! My five-year-old has a new shtick he tries out at least a dozen times a day. He does or says something naughty, waits a beat and then cries, “tricked yah!” with a devilish grin. He might even jab me with something pokey and chuckle at his own [...]

‘One Rule for Boys’ Book Promotes Empathy, Connections


Dr. Max Wachtel says the Dark Knight is a lousy role model for young boys. The tortured superhero figure is a pop culture fixation these days, best personified by Batman’s conflicted persona. “Bruce Wayne had a horrible childhood, and he grew up to be this stoic, brooding person,” Dr. Wachtel says. “He saves the world, [...]

Daddylibrium Blu-ray Review: ‘Ivory Tower’


Want to get mad? Watch the first 20 minutes of “Ivory Tower” and think about how much you may shell out for your child’s college fees some day. The documentary, now available on home video, details the rising costs of a four-year education, the shrinking educational standards plaguing some schools and how raising party hearty [...]

How to Feel Like a Loser Dad in Five Easy Steps!


“Dad, I wish you were smarter,” my five year old told me yesterday. I couldn’t blame him. Sometimes it’s possible to fail as a father so often in such a short span you wonder how you make it through a week, let alone your child’s formative years. Yesterday I took Elijah to his last football [...]