Chef Shows Dads Ways to Cook Healthy Meals


Chef Jennifer Peters is learning just how challenging it is to cook for children by making meals for her boyfriend’s sons. Peters’ boyfriend is a single father of two, and they’re all working together to enhance the boys’ eating habits. Her boyfriend is letting Peters flavor their diets as well as his own. “He’s modifying with [...]

Embracing Childhood Innocence While It Lasts


My children don’t know who Ray Rice is, have never heard the term ISIS and never give a second thought to D.C. corruption. If only it could stay that way. Part of a parent’s job is to slowly reveal the real world to their children. It’s a delicate process, one depending on age, maturity and [...]

‘Farmhouse Rules’ Star Nancy Fuller: No Excuse to Skip Healthy Meals

Nancy Fuller Courtesy of Food Network

Nancy Fuller has a simple answer for those who say cooking a healthy, hearty meal takes too long. Watch her show and see how wrong you are. Fuller somehow made a pitch for her Food Network show’s third season into a cheerful cry for food empowerment. It’s one reason why “Farmhouse Rules” made it to [...]

Modern Dads Are Kicking Cable Habit: Here’s How


A few years back the notion of cutting the cord on cable sounded absurd. I let my wife ban TV in our bedroom. That was as far as I was willing to go. Then I had kids. Suddenly, I didn’t have time for my oldest, dearest friend – cable TV. So roughly two years ago we [...]

How to Turn Your Garage into a Workshop


(Guest post by Hank McKinsey) If you’re struggling to find extra space in your home for some relaxing work, you may be overlooking the most obvious answer: turn your garage into your own work space. Most peoples’ garages are filled to the brim with junk that’s unorganized and stacked in piles all over the place, [...]

Five Lessons My Sons Could Learn from Joan Rivers


My sons wouldn’t get 95 percent of the jokes Joan Rivers told. The caustic comic, who blazed a trail for female comediennes, died earlier today at the age of 81. She joked about marriage, sex, plastic surgery and popular culture. To my knowledge, she never name-checked “Caillou” or Olaf the Snowman. My sons still could [...]

What Parents Should Teach Kids in Wake of Celeb Nude Pictures Scandal


My sons are too young to read all about the latest celebrity nude picture scandal. Long, slow exhale. That doesn’t take me off the hook as a father. My sons will use Facebook and Twitter someday, or at least the social media outlets sure to replace. That means they better have a healthy fear of [...]

5 Undeniable Truths About Back to School Week


Summer isn’t officially over until you pack your child’s first school lunch. Until then, it’s still days filled with chasing fireflies, flying kites and belly-flopping on Slip ‘N Slides. This year’s back to school shift brings change for our family. Eli is now a kindergarten student, and Ben will start school Tuesday. Call it pre-pre [...]