Dear Alcohol: It’s Not You. It’s Me


I think it’s time we had a talk, old friend. We go way back, but I don’t need to tell you that. We met a little later than expected, but when we finally got introduced in college it was buzz at first sight. You helped me make new friends, reduced my nerves when approaching beautiful strangers [...]

Take Me Out Coach, I’m Not Ready to Play


Babe Ruth once pointed to the center field seats before launching one of his epic home run blasts. I should have grabbed my right arm and motioned for the skipper the last time I hit the diamond. Yes, I’m still playing softball at 46. And I’m feeling every year of it. Getting injured in softball is [...]

Forgetting My Dad on Father’s Day


My memory is as unpredictable as a “Game of Thrones” finale. Mommylibrium constantly ribs me about how I’m always forgetting things. I’ve been this way for as long as I can remember, no pun intended. I’m a combination of “Rain Man” and the neighbor who can’t remember to bring in your garbage cans when you’re [...]

Why Married Dads Must Watch ‘Togetherness’


Brett and Michelle are drifting apart before our eyes on HBO’s “Togetherness.” The worst aspect of their marital collapse? We’re watching it in slow motion, like a CGI crash in “Furious 7.” It’s not wise to scream at the television screen, but it’s tough not to do so here. The series bowed in January, but [...]

5 Comedies I Can’t Wait for My Kids to See


I foolishly thought it was a good time for my sons to meet Lt. Frank Drebin of Police Squad. We were snuggled together in bed, my Amazon Kindle Fire tablet in hand. The Netflix’s screen flashed an image of Leslie Nielsen riding an oversized bullet. How could my sons not howl over Nielsen’s inept crime [...]

6 Summertime Games for the Whole Family


(Guest post by Kaitlin Krull) The best thing about summer is the opportunity to take the family out of the house and into the great outdoors. Make the most of the warmer weather by participating in family-friendly games the whole crew will enjoy. Here are six of the best summertime games – some traditional and [...]

Why Parents Should Fear Today’s Media


I read the news today, oh boy. The Beatles’ music is as relevant as ever. So is the first line of the band’s “A Day in the Life,” which brings to mind more than the song’s dark themes. It speaks to the current state of journalism. It’s awful. And it’s likely to get worse. My [...]

7 Tips for Teaching Your Teen to Drive


(Guest post by Kimberly Quinones) The time has come: your teen is going to learn how to drive — are you ready for this? As a dad, it’s only normal to feel pride from your child’s growing independence and fear about the potential danger driving may put him/her in. It’s important to instill confidence in [...]