‘Home’ Director Tim Johnson Draws Inspiration from Family


Director Tim Johnson grew up doodling every chance he got. He still does, even while promoting his latest project, the DreamWorks animated feature “Home.” Johnson’s artistic impulses are now an integral part of his film career, which includes directing past hits like “Antz” and “Over the Hedge.” “I feel profoundly lucky that DreamWorks has given [...]

It Gets Better, and More Updates from Parenting Trenches


For a while it felt like Benjamin was the accidental focus of this blog. I wrote about his Terrible Twos (and threes), our appointment with a counselor for his behavioral issues and how I dealt with his frequent tantrums. The only good news? He was too young to read it all himself. That was then. [...]

Four Tips for Working Out as a Couple


The most gut-wretching part of the year is nearly here – swimsuit season. At some point during the next few months you’ll be poolside and, more likely than not, sucking in your gut. Been there, inhaled that. This spring I decided to recruit a workout partner – Mommylibrium. She’s smart, sassy and looks fetching in spandex. [...]

Do You Trust a Reality Show with Your Divorce?


Reality television is responsible for bringing the Kardashians into our lives. Can it make amends by making divorce a little easier? Daddylibrium just received a casting call announcement from Asylum Entertainment, NBC and Doron Ofir seeking “divorced couples who have children.” This innovative new television series will help create a new peaceful family paradigm for [...]

5 Reasons I Wanna Be a Kid Again (Today)


It’s impossible for me to look into my children’s faces and not wish, if only for a moment, to be their age again. They have perfect skin, boundless energy and the potential to be just about anything they want to be. When you’re 46 those options are limited to Botox, Red Bull and, well, I’d [...]

‘My Own Man’ Director: Men Can Nurture Children, Too


David Sampliner wasn’t sure he was manly enough to raise a son. Even his voice teacher told him he was afraid of his own masculinity. The filmmaker had been questioning his lack of alpha male status for years when, at 40, he learned his first child would be a boy. Suddenly, his existential crisis took on [...]

Simple Fitness Tips for Older Dads


(Guest Post by Leona Green) When you were still single, working out seemed like a pretty easy task. But after marriage and having your first kid, you find that squeezing workout time into your schedule gets harder and harder. You have to give your baby a bath, help with homework, buy formula milk and prepare [...]

How One Modern Dad Practices What He Preaches


Some folks pay lip service to being a modern Dad. Others deliver. Consider Tim Johnson in the latter camp. Johnson is the veteran animator behind “Home,” a new DreamWorks feature opening nationwide March 27. Daddylibrium met Johnson yesterday for an interview to run at Colorado Parent magazine. My son Ben doesn’t have school on Fridays. [...]