9 Lessons from 9 Years of Marriage


Stay together long enough, and you’ll learn it’s foolish to get cocky about marriage. Sure, Mommylibrium and I are celebrating our ninth year together today, and we’re as happy now as we were after exchanging our personalized vows. That doesn’t mean we’re guaranteed to make the decade mark. Think parenthood is hard? Marriage is even [...]

Family Vacation Review: Isla Mujeres, Mexico


A 20-minute boat ride separates Mexico’s most notorious vacation spot from an island where the unofficial motto is, “Relax … we’ll take good care of you.” Isla Mujeres is a tiny isle adjacent to Cancun, home of assorted MTV hedonistic pursuits. The island isn’t flashy, and you’re a golf cart rental away from navigating it [...]

What Meathead Can Teach Dads About Modeling Good Behavior


Rob Reiner’s directorial career has given us a signature courtroom drama, the saga of a single president and a metal band known for cranking it up to 11. To many, he’ll always be Meathead, the hippie son-in-law on “All in the Family.” That doesn’t mean Reiner doesn’t have something to share with fathers everywhere. Reiner [...]

My Dad, ‘The Rockford Files’ and Losing James Garner


The death of veteran actor James Garner made me mourn the loss of my father all over again. The star of “The Rockford Files” never met me or my dad. We had no connection, family or otherwise. My Dad and I just watched “The Rockford Files” religiously during my formative years. The show’s theme song, [...]

‘Sex Tape’ Offers True Love in Era of Compromised Morals


What married parent can’t relate to the couple at the heart of “Sex Tape?” Yes. “Sex Tape” the movie. The comedy stars Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel as a formerly hot and heavy couple who rarely have sex now thanks to their harried existence. That’s a fancy way of saying they have children. They decide [...]

Don’t Make These Mistakes on Your Next Family Hike


Few things bring us closer together than a family hike. Assuming, that is, the hike isn’t filled with whining kids, empty stomachs and sunburns. Daddylibrium spent part of the weekend in Nederland, Colo. hiking in the Indian Peak Wilderness area. All, miraculously, went well after some early hiccups. Live and learn … from our mistakes. [...]

Missing Fathers Leave Their Mark with ‘Boyhood’ Movie


Ethan Hawke plays a father who abandons his son in “Boyhood.” For the actor, a child of divorce, the material hit close to home. Ellar Coltrane, who shot the film over a span of 12 years to capture his actual transition into adolescence, is the titular “boy.” The character’s father (Hawke) checked out some time [...]

Counseling Stigma Costs Parents as Well as Children

counseling broken picture frame

The thought of discussing our son’s temper tantrums with a professional filled me with hope. Some of our friends had a different reaction. Several well-meaning chums offered other solutions over counseling. Read this book. Check out that web site. Stay the course. That’s a sign that even with an educated peer group fear and mistrust [...]