5 Tips to Help Kids Blow Their Noses Right


Being a dad means taking a keen interest in my boys’ bowel movements, sleep cycles and, yes, boogies. Who signed me up for this? And where is the adult-ed course that tackles these topics? For most dads, it’s a learn as you go process. But sometimes we need a little extra information to get the [...]

5 Things Dads Should Do As Soon As Possible

refrigerator kids drawings

Is there a father out there whose plate isn’t absurdly full at any given moment? Didn’t think so. Still, our to-do lists must be prioritized to keep all those plates spinning. Fantasy Football, alas, can wait. Other items will make a swift difference, and they shouldn’t take an absurd amount of time. Here are five [...]

Another Crazy Day at the School Drop-Off Line


I’ve officially seen everything now at my kid’s school drop-off zone. Mommylibrium works a 9-to-5 style job, leaving this budding entrepreneur to taxi my sons to and from school. It’s mostly a joy, especially seeing my oldest son smile when he spots our sleek KIA Rondo in the school drop-off line. It’s been an education [...]

Top 5 Ice Skating Villains to Avoid at the Rink


Even winter haters like myself melt over ice skating with my kids. My boys are old enough to maneuver around Denver’s downtown rink solo. We helmet them up just in case, but that’s just our inner helicopter parent. The trouble now isn’t our boys face-planting on the unforgiving ice. It’s the array of hyper-annoying skaters [...]

‘Daphne Dishes’ Star Balances Career, Family Ties

daphne's dishes

Daphne Brogdon used to love appearing alongside her children on TV. These days, she’s more cautious about sharing her career with her kids. Brogdon is a blogger, cook, stand-up comic and now host of her own Food Network show. “Daphne Dishes,” which airs at noon EST Sundays, lets her combine her skills into one family-friendly dish. Her show [...]

Holding on to My Children as Boyhood Beckons


I’ve started doing something mildly distracting while driving my car. I stretch my hand back, leaving it open in front of my sons’ car seats. When I do that to Ben, who is 3, he takes it. I squeeze slightly, enjoying how soft and small his fingers are. He’s still a baby. I still have [...]

Michael Keaton Has A Message Your Kids Need to Hear


Michael Keaton’s Golden Globes speech may impress Oscar voters, but it’s really aimed at boys and girls nationwide. The veteran actor is on the comeback trail thanks to “Birdman.” He plays a former A-lister resurrecting his career on his own terms. It’s another masterful performance from Keaton, which earned him the Best Actor prize Sunday [...]

Get in the Game with PrimeTime Lockers

PrimeTime Locker

(This is a sponsored post written by Daddylibrium on behalf of Gladiator GarageWorks for IZEA.com. All opinions are 100 percent mine) The only thing dads need more than time these days is extra space. Space to store toys, clothes, sporting equipment … everything that comes with raising kids. Enter PrimeTime Lockers by Gladiator GarageWorks. The company’s [...]