Nature vs. Nurture? Stop the Fight!


Sometimes a slogan says it all. “Where’s the Beef?” “Hope and Change.” For me, the title of my youngest son’s first ”book” captures him completely. “Santa Fights Back” isn’t in a store near you. It’s just a story he came up with during the school year, one his pre-school teacher captured on his behalf. Only [...]

10 Lessons from 10 Years of Marriage


Looks like we made it, dear. Now let’s shoot for 20. Our culture tends to get worked up over 5 and 10-year anniversaries. I’m happy to go along, especially since this week marks my 10th wedding anniversary to the lovely Mommylibrium. Where did the time go? I’m too tired to even answer the question. I’m [...]

Grilled Chicken Tips for Frustrated Fathers


Some Daddy stereotypes aren’t so bad. Yes, modern dads cringe over jokes about fathers who don’t change diapers or who wash their hands of household chores. Still, what father doesn’t like being considered the King of the Grill? Only this king is a bit like a jester when it’s time to grill chicken. I’ve served [...]

The Final Word(s) on Marcy’s Diner


The mother at the heart of the Marcy’s Diner saga has said her peace. That won’t be the end of it, of course. For those who live blissfully free from the social media cycle, the controversy began when the owner of a Maine restaurant yelled at a nearly two-year-old girl to shut her yap. This much [...]

A Serious Case of the Mondays


Some Mondays are worse than others. Welcome to mine. Things started off well for this unsuspecting Daddy. A live-chat with my hosting provider unstuck my web sites from the cyber-muck. No extra fees … no need to enter the labyrinth that is the modern web site to fix things myself. I chalked it up as [...]

What Dads Can Learn from ‘Sky Captain’ Catastrophe


Every father should tell his children about one of the biggest box office duds of the past 25 years. “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow” isn’t “Ishtar” level awful. It’s actually a breezy romp with some big name stars – Angelina Jolie, Jude Law and Gwyneth Paltrow. That’s not the part that should grab [...]

Crash, Bernstein and the Death of Masculinity


Are my kids manly enough to watch “Crash and Bernstein?” The bigger question remains … does our culture want them to be? The Disney XD series, featured on Netflix’s streaming service, follows a pair of best friends. One of them happens to be a puppet, but we’re all a little different, right? The show’s setup [...]

7 Great Toys for Outdoor Summer Fun


(Guest Post by Laurie Leahey) Summer is here, and parents can take advantage of all season has to offer by giving their children the season’s best outdoor toys. Kids will be antsy to play with these fun toys that get the body moving as they release their pent-up energy from winter. Bump ‘n Bubbles Robot from [...]